Contains natural, inorganic and nonflammable expanded perlite.
Inorganic material, doesn't react with other materials and doesn't decompose by the time.
It reduces heat escape through the walls.
It especially reduces pulsed sounds.
It provides stronger buildings with its lightweight structure.
It protects building for a few hours against fire.
Never loose its insulating characteristics.
Provides healthy buildings and prevents humidity with its porous structure.
Application is so easy with traditional methods.

Wall and floor insulation in a building is necessary to maintain constant temperatures of living spaces, preventing heat entering when it is warm and preventing heat from escaping when it is cold.

Proper insulation will also save a lot of money on heating and cooling utility bills. If an insulation material provides a versatile... "Application & Tests Videos"

Sıvaper products are special wall and floor plasters comprise high quantity of expanded perlite, primarily provide thermal insulation. Beside that they provide resistance against fire, reduce noise inside the buildings, prevent humidity and provide many other benefits.

You can insulate your buildings easily with Sıvaper since the application of all types are same as traditional plastering methods.

Sivaper Group Products

Lightweight building materials are so important to provide lighter and safer buildings. Sıvaper produces lightweight perlite mortars which are much more lighter than traditional mortars. Those products provides lightweight structures with thermal insulation, sound insulation and fire resistance. In many project Sıvaper perlite products were used only because...